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It is not the food we eat that makes us gain weight but its how we take it that makes us gain or lose weight, for example if you must consume food with high cholesterol like meat daily then you are supposed to incorporate a lot of fruit intake and water. Most of the weight we gain is due to accumulation of toxins in the body, therefore when you consume enough fruits and an average of eight glasses of water daily then your body is able to detoxify and in the process you start to loose weight.

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The accumulation of toxins in our bodies is dangerous, the effects may include high blood pressure, poor digestion and acidity in the stomach which may cause ulcers, painful joints due to lack of enough oxygen in the blood followed by many other serious complications, there is also high risk of heart attack due to high cholesterol levels in the blood capillaries. It is therefore important for us to be cautious of how our bony works and to know what foods are best for our body and how we are supposed to eat those foods for easy weight loss.

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