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Business Ideas generate better

Some of the best business ideas from the roots of the culture-hand, according to the article in Booz & Co. "The Life Cycle of Great Business Ideas." But many entrepreneurs are struggling, like weeds from the ideas and not effective find the few gems. Understanding the life cycle of the business idea, learn to identify the future the best ideas and understanding of trends that may help entrepreneurs navigatethis process.

Lifecycle Management ideas

In assessing the sustainability of the management cycle-life ideas, it is important to evaluate the business ideas in context. The performance is more absolute than relative. For this reason, the success of business ideas can not all companies are replicated. If ideas can be replicated, competitive advantage is lost.

The role of BusinessLeader

Manager, revolutionary business idea, usually a different concept of authority and have a unique management style. These managers will provide the organization a lot different when it is launched.

For example, developed PV Kannan, CEO and cofounder of 24 / 7 customer service, a company that relies on outsourcing, the company that manages e-mail (usually takes the e-mail communication companies is used). He met a lot of resistance whenMarketing the idea of an entrepreneur. However, companies are now using e routine, Kannan is a revolutionary leader (though the idea is not a competitive advantage anymore). Kannan also led to a call center in India and has received a lot of push back. The call center currently employs over 7,000 people and is a great success.

Some entrepreneurs are not sure there are many new business ideas to the market. YouI think the majority of leaders are those existing ideas and tweaking them to improve their success. frequent cycles through business ideas. What happened today may obsolete many years down the road and then again in 20 years.

Recognize good ideas management

Even the most intelligent leaders are confused about the drivers and results. Management should invest time to ensure that data are independent and trustworthy. In examining theThe success of an idea to make sure that the independent variables are independent and are not really influenced by external factors. If you do not follow this rule, companies should not have a clear picture of what is driving the results.

For example, Kannan was asked by an important customer to develop two new measures of customer service. customer service representatives were now required to end the call, asking if there is anything else necessary and say. "Have a nice day" But by measuring theImpact of these changes are Kannan of the new amendments do not have a positive influence. In fact, customers were upset by the representatives of the extension and wanted to call the phone quickly.

Build larger pool of ideas

When will come up with good ideas, ideas must be generated from a large pool. In this way, management can take bad ideas, and refine the most promising strategies. Employees developthe pool of ideas should come from a variety of business units. If every room of the resort comes from the same organization may be missing a great idea into reality. in accordance with this process can only lead to short-term results. More diversity provides more opportunities for long-term results.

A further challenge for the implementation of good ideas is that ideas from concept to completion. As a management team through change, ideas often lost in the mix to go and see the light of day. Streamline the process for introducing new ideas to ensure the policies are not compromised by unnecessary barriers.

Roll out revolutionary ideas may seem risky. But with good research ideas to support the new leader makes informed assumptions, if the result is risky. calculated risks is an opportunity to gain market share and promote long-term results. When planning new> The ideas have to think outside of the management cycle of "boom and bust" and build skills that come with the ability to create a competitive advantage for years.

The future management practices and thought

idea generation to create successful events of long-term require a higher level of attention each day. Managing daily activities continue to increase efficiency to improve performance and turnover. management practices must changemore responsibility for the results. Companies need new ideas to develop a market, the change to keep pace with the will. Manager of the future, decisions must focus on ideas for providing better data and greater accuracy.


Bridget Finn. "The life cycle of 'Big Business Ideas Booz & Co, September 2008.

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