Airborne Effervescent Health Formula, Zesty Orange, 3-10 Count Tubes

  • Combats the airborne germs and viruses that are in places like classrooms, offices and airplanes
  • Unique all-natural formula of seven herbal extracts, antioxidants, electrolytes, and amino acids offers maximum vitamin and herbal support
  • Offers 100% immediate absorption

Dietary supplement. Take at the first sign of a cold symptom or before entering crowded environment. For Use In: Airplanes; Offices; Schools; Restaurants; Health Clubs; Theaters, etc. Created by a school teacher! No. 1 best seller in the USA! Airborne was developed by a school teacher who was sick of getting sick in the classroom. It can be taken 2 ways: at the first sign of a cold symptoms, or before entering crowded environments, like airplanes and offices. Airborne’s unique natural formula co

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Price: $ 14.99