Thursday, December 16, 2010

Important Sexual Health Facts That Everyone Should Know

There are many sexual health facts that are important to know. Perhaps the most important sexual health facts of all relate to the sexually transmitted diseases that are out there. There are many STDs that you can develop, and it is important to be aware on this sort of matter not only so that you can protect yourself against these diseases but also so you will be able to recognize the onset of any.

Sexual Health Facts : STDs

On the topic of sexual health facts , STDs is major. These diseases can develop after you have sex with someone who has an infection. Although these infections are most often caused by having intercourse they can also be passed through anal and oral sex as well as by skin-to-skin contact.

One of the most commonly occurring STDs is Chlamydia. Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that is very common and affects about 4 women each year. The bacteria of this disease are found in the cervix and urethra and can also live in the throat and rectum. There are actually very few symptoms associated with the disease, and most women do not even realize that they have a problem at all until weeks, even months down the road.

This is very problematic because this means that they may be having unprotected sex with other partners and passing the disease on.

Gonorrhea is another sexually transmitted disease that should be discussed in the matter of sexual health facts . It is a bacterial infection that is transmitted by sexual contact. It is actually one of the oldest known sexually transmitted diseases and survives only on moist surfaces within the body.

Unlike Chlamydia there are many symptoms associated with this STD, including a burning during urination, yellowish or foul vaginal discharge, and a burning or itching of the vaginal area.

Sexual health facts are vital to be informed on these days, and by being educated on these sorts of matters you will not only be able to protect yourself and your health but the health of others as well. You need to be mature and responsible when it comes to your sexual health and protect and guard yourself against disease.

If you ever do develop a sexually transmitted disease you are going to have to get treatment for it, treatment which will vary depending on which particular STD you have developed. Speak to your doctor if you ever experience any symptoms or side effects of a sexually transmitted disease.

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