Friday, November 5, 2010

Hair Loss Patients Live And Work in Today’s Society Plagued by Serious

Hair loss patients live and work in today’s society are serious problems , looking for work , business find it too bad image ; to find the object , the other find it too too old , unable to face the eyes of relatives and friends crowd mercilessly ridiculed ; many hair loss patients choose to use only Hair to cover bald , whom everyone jokingly .

If someone asked me , in this life what is the most painful period of time , my answer must be : graduate . That is because just graduated breath, faced with looking for work , Zhao Xifu two problems , hair loss can happens again , immediately facing the real cause bald Stroke Like the market a variety of drugs are used all over , and no little effect, for this have been blown on several girlfriends , and really do not know how to do it … So, if someone Ask me , the most painful thing in this life what is my answer , must be : hair loss . The word , ah, just Jiaoren hated . Then just use a comb a comb will drop a lot of hair come a time when more severe hair loss when crossing a pick off will fall , as if hair is very solid -like , really miserable Ah , and then later , with so many products that do not mess little effect, the shock is even greater . Spent the money back does not matter , the key is my hair loss continues ah . For some time I have really been completely wound up , totally frustrated , and thought that hair loss is no hope , and his wife have no hope , and this life ah , gone .

x summer should be noted that intake of protein , eat more iron , calcium, vitamin A and other effects on the hair tonic foods such as milk , eggs, lean meat , fish, soy , sesame . Excessive summer heat radiation , ultraviolet radiation head, thermal radiation on human skin head produces strong stimulation , resulting in damage to the hair loss , it should be to protect the skin so as to protect the hair , to avoid sun exposure on the head and less to the activities under the sun . When they go out , wear a hat or stay the best umbrella . Inflammation of the scalp to stimulate the summer often prone to folliculitis , furuncle , carbuncle , so that Mao Faji root instability, are likely to cause Hair loss. It should be noted in the summer cleaning and handling of hair shampoo

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