Low Libido in Women Can Affect Sexual Health

Among a wide variety of emotional and physical factors that are involved in a woman’s sexual health, one of the biggest factors that can often have a dramatic affect on the overall condition of the sexual health of a woman is her libido, or sexual desire. For some women sexual desire or having a lack of desire can sometimes end up being just a small and minor irritation within their life. However, for many other women, factors that can end up causing a low libido is a problem that can very big problems in her life and it can ultimately last for many months, and in some cases for many years. When low sexual desire causes problems with a woman’s sexual health, it can affect many areas of sexual health with a negative impact. Some of the most common areas that libido can have a drastic affect on would include the following:

The inability of being able to achieve an orgasm
Pain that is experienced during sexual intercourse
Difficulties in becoming aroused at all
Anxiety that occurs concerning the act of performing sexually
The inability of being able to experience any pleasure from sexual intercourse

Problems That Can Cause a Low Libido in Women

Problems that can arise with various hormones throughout the body are one of the biggest causes for a low level of libido in women. When the body’s system is producing low levels of the hormones known as testosterone and estrogen, often times it has a negative effect on a woman’s sexual health by dramatically lowering their sexual desire. Not only is a healthy flood flow throughout the rest of the body important for maintaining good sexual health, but blow flow of the sexual organs is also extremely important for maintaining a healthy active libido. Some health conditions that can have a negative impact a woman’s libido would include diabetes and high blood pressure. This is because these types of conditions have the ability to restrict the level of blood flow that reaches the genital area. Not only is a healthy body very important for good sexual health, but a healthy mind is also important. Factors like stress, depression, and anxiety that a large number of women deal with on a regular basis can have damaging effects on a woman’s sexual health. Neurological disorders, nerve damage, and relationship problems can also have a negative impact on a woman’s sexual health.