While the Spaniards invaded South America in the 16th century, they found a large harvest and use a cake as a substance called "Tecuitiatl" by the Aztecs local near Lake Texcoco in modern times, Mexico. In the 1960s, French researchers discovered that the cake was created in fact blue - green algae, called Spirulina which were also found in abundance in the Lake. Spirulina also worked for more than a thousand years in Central Africa. particularly in Chad, where he still works.

Since the 1970s the use of Spirulina as an asset be supplement has is to reveal very courante.En in addition, several medical reports were conducted to evaluate and find precisely the benefits of spirulina which eventually were distributed as follows.

Spirulina consists of considerable amounts of beta-carotene, vitamin e and also the many members of the family of the complex b.It is composed of 18 to 22 amino acids required by whole body humain.Il will also help you take advantage of the benefits of selenium because it contains many elements trace and phytonutrients as phycocyanin. Spirulina is a source of naturally rich proteins (60-70% of the weight of the whole body) as well as a rare amino acid called acid gamma-linolenic (approximately 1% body weight).

Spirulina is certainly one of the best, of course the food vitamin A, which is be important health ful vision helps combat fatigue.Additional such as C, E and complex B vitamins in Spirulina helps maintain the health of the body, ful efficiency against diseases and to improve the skin well be, among other things.

Spirulina consists of a protein called distinctive bilin phycocyanin really is a very powerful antioxydant.Antioxydants helps protect you from the radicals present in the human body; these radicals is known to cause many serious and chronic diseases such as cancer.

Spirulina supplements are available in the form of poudre.Vraiment, it is best to start the spirulina normal supplementation with excessive consumption of spirulina can bring hypervitaminosis adequate medical supervision and other side effects.