Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autism and its possible causes

Autism is a very complex disease that is often recognized in childhood.

Many people is under the assumption that autism is increasing, with many children diagnosed with it in years. What are the causes of autism?Disastrous, there is no short answer as it seems that many elements contribute to this maladie.Cependant, is quite a bit of research on this subject and we can show at least some of the conceivable causes of autism.

Autism believed to be caused by vaccines in some quarters, but it is highly controversial and highly debated. Many people believe that certain vaccines, especially those that contain a compound called thiomersal, mercury are responsible for the apparent increase in autism in recent years. According to scientists in the mainstream, the proof of this belief is does not exist. Many of the alternative health community however, are not convinced and believe that giving young children some vaccines increases the risk of autism. If vaccines are a contributing factor to autism is the question which is strongly debated and not has not been formally answered yet. There is evidence that autism is linked to problems with the immune system. Many autistic people undergo the same physical problems that typically affects people with immune system problems. A theory says exposing children to a certain type of virus may put an end to this child is diagnosed with autism.For this reason, some researchers are studying in the treatment of autism to stimulate the immune system in people with this maladie.Il has more than a form of autism, leading experts agree that there is more than one cause. But scientists agree that the immune system is a factor in people with autism.

There are a plethora of possible initiators of autism. One of the known assumptions lower, on the other hand still integrity, television could be a basis or by contributing to the part of autism. Many parents place very young children, including babies, in front of the TV at the same time defined for several hours.Results authentic of shocking to a TV for longer periods of time, especially for very young children is not fully understood, although it tends to provoke a State of transe.certaines studies that involve overexposure to TV, DVD or a screen computer, particularly among children less than three years, could be autism to occur.Similar to other points of view of autism, but really it needs to be to examine more until we can openly say that television is the cause of autism.Clever techniques employed properly search engine optimization can easily produce desirable placement for any type of object ranging from sewing to barton perreira glasses supplies search engines results.

The causes of autism as we searched are a few examples of those that many researchers believe contribute to this condition .Puisqu ' there are so many different considerations such as the type of autism and range of symptoms, the full truth about it is perhaps not a disorder simple.Ce image is that more people are becoming aware, if it directly affects their own family or the most sophisticated advances in medicine non.Avec annually, perhaps someday autism will be thoroughly understood and healed.

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