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Start a small business and how to manage anxiety

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"Aviation in itself is not dangerous by nature. But even more than the sea, is terribly unforgiving of carelessness, incapacity or negligence." Anonymous

As a driver, this anonymous content from more than just a familiar words – is a fact that I took to heart. But I suspect that reading these words, the wait has created a level of fear that many potential causes drivers to adjust their search for a license – with the risk too great.

With aslight variation, this warning is also the owner served me a small business. The property itself is not inherently dangerous. But more work is terribly unforgiving of carelessness, incapacity or neglect.

The benefits of Fear

Who took the company while the abandonment is perceived if not real, job security is a beginning, recognized the possibilities and dangers"Crash." Indeed, many prospective owners to stop their search for fear of losing assets too – and the risk too great.

As an actual or potential entrepreneurs have these words of warning though you created a level of fear? I hope so, because in the aviation sector and the economy, fear can be a good thing.

Not paralyzing fear – the kind that might come if a person does not know how to solve or preventdangerous situation. But the kind of fear that you are aware, informed, capable, prompt, decisive and effective motivation. Once you have tools to combat the fear, the fear is not only manageable, but in reality can be a productive stimulus.

The many faces of fear

And 'something about the fear that is insidious: it is a mutant – unable to appear in many forms. The challenge for us is to be feared, seen in all its formsWe use tools to combat the fear that has transformed it.

Here are some of the faces of fear, followed by, as it may seem, and thus a means of combating fear. First on the list is Big Daddy: unremitting, cold sweat, fear Cottonmouth to do in the default configuration.

Fear – "What happens if I cut myself as an owner?" Before becoming a successful employee training and Education should achieve. It 'the same for the property. If you can prove the background forExercise personal responsibility. Performance is the best tonic for anxiety. If you can not run because it does not rely on the ability to modify and / or the power of will, your fear is, and try to give you good advice.

Fright – "What, I ask all these things and if nobody buys it?" It could happen, but it is likely that if you have the proper research before buying. Do you remember how to determine what customers want. If you do not take the Their fear is justified steps.

Terror - "If I buy the wrong business? What" This idea will not occur if you buy a company that sells something that you know, where you have the diligence by appropriate investigations, including the market and its industry. So before you sign on the dotted line you know what the company past and present, not as a seller and the seller rather than on the future> Business. If not, you will learn with real terror.

Panic – "And if the price of this offer is not competitive in my job I need?" You should know nearly as much as your competition as you do on your company, and do more of what the customer needs. Even if you think the price is too low, not an offer for less than agreeable. The only thing that causes more panic than lose a saleurgency is not able to fight the business you want.

Dread – "I hate to fire an employee." No one likes to terminate an employee. But all too often small business owners get themselves into this problem, not to hire a good job in the first place. The only thing that consumes more time and resources as effective recruitment protocol is a protocol setting is invalid. Rent a willy-nilly a season of transition for the game of fear.

Trepidation – "I do not think I get a bank loan." A prophecy, if you do not understand that banks are businesses, and just like yours, procedures for doing business. Knowledge is power and knowledge of how banks make loans is a powerful lever to get a loan. Ah, another thing: do not eat a banker arrested or simply ask for a loan. They will only say yes or no. Better chance you get from many of your other small> Business. In addition, the banker feel afraid that you will get through. And we can not have that can we?

Fear – "How is it able to compete with rivals in the big box?" Your life will be unhappy with his hands to struggle to lose job, you never had a chance in the first place. Here is a market truism: You never had a chance to all of us! This is good news for smallBusiness because it is small for all firms, large e. David defeated Goliath with the help of the tools that had the most benefit. You can create a lot of anxiety, saying their strengths, products and services in order to avoid the big boxes can not. And that makes happy customers, who actually prefer to do business with David and Goliath.

Shock – "What is our best customer has signed a contract withCompetitor? "The only thing shocking about this scenario is that you had" A "best customers. If you do not leave in a location where the loss is devastating to every customer. If more than 80% of the company is less than 20% of your customers, we are in danger of a blow.

In one of its many forms, can fear be a motivator or an immobilizer. The only way to ensure that the latter, by means of fear of armed struggle:Awareness, knowledge, ability and willingness, determination and effectiveness.

Write this on a rock "Once you have full control of the trust fear fighting tools to replace fear with his nemesis. Have a good flight."

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